How Facebook Messaging Is Beating SMS

It is no doubt that Facebook is the most famous social networking site up to date. Recently, Facebook Messenger for both iPhone and Android phones has been released. The versatility and efficiency offered by text messaging apps like the Facebook messenger would made one think if Facebook messaging have completely beaten mobile phone texting. To answer this, let us first know what the facebook messenger can offer us.

The new and enhanced Facebook messenger is a free app that also comes with SMS capability, apart from its innate ability to send instant messages. Since the FB messenger is also designed to allow users to send SMS, a lot of mobile users today particularly those who spend a lot of time texting and instant messaging on their phones are delighted with its release. When compared to mobile phone texting, facebook messaging is a lot more advantageous since you have the option to chat with your online friends without worrying about text messaging cost. In addition, this free mobile texting app from Facebook offers dedicated tools for instant messaging and SMS texting.

Facebook messaging also handles group messaging better than mobile phone texting. This means that you can seamlessly chat with two or three friends simultaneously. The SMS texting feature of the app, meanwhile, allows you to get phone numbers directly from your Facebook connections. Because of this, you are sure that when you send an SMS message to a friend via FB messenger, you will have access to their current contact number and not the outdated one. Unlike with mobile phone texting, unless you update your contacts, you will only have access to the number stored in your phonebook.

Another great thing about facebook messaging is that it showcases a host of other great features that mobile phone texting does not offer. For instance, if you don’t have the number of a facebook friend stored on your phone, you can send a quick message via facebook messenger or if that friend has listed his/her number on his/her facebook account, then you can pull up your friend’s contact number so you would be able to send a SMS message granted you have obtained the appropriate permissions to do so.

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With the intuitive design of facebook messenger as well as its amazing and very personalized instant messaging as well as SMS texting feature, I won’t be surprised if it completely beats mobile phone texting. But as of now, I think that a lot people still uses mobile phone texting when sending SMS messages to friends especially if internet connection is not available to establish connection to Facebook.